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**The source I was given (ty Chi♥) had his answers only, so just use your own conclusions to guess the questions**

  1. "No, just ask about me."
  2. "Right, from time to time ~~ Since writing is my hobby"
  3. "Handcuffs??? Seems like it’s the trend lately?"
  4. "I finished growing, everyone"
  5. "Since my…
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the beginning of something great

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what ‘turn up’ means according to kim taehyung.

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follow the rules and you’ll be fine guys [-]

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[confirmed] kim taehyung has no sense of fear

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park jimin ft skateboard

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American Hustle Life Ep 1 in a Nutshell


Rap Mon: done

Jimin: done

Jin: done

Yoongi: done as fuck

Hoseok: scared as fuck

Jungkook: poor little one who has no clue what’s going on and has cute iron man socks

Taehyung: excited to turn up

Coolio: done

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140724 BTS American Hustle Life Ep 01

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"jesus……fucking….christ. happy easter."

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Title: Blind
Artist: Woo Tae Woon
Played: 254 times
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